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We combine expert knowledge, powerful software, leading methodology and practical training to help you proactively manage your assets.

Solutions Platform

Industrial supplies

Power transmission

Great experience and knowledge of the main industrial applications
Premium products are part of our offer in world-class brands
Couplings, hydraulic couplings, standardized pulleys, chain, pinions and belts

Gear boxes

Present transversally in the world of mechanical power transmission in its high, medium and low torque segments. our experience for more than 30 years in Gear Boxes, make us an obligatory reference for any type of application in the world of transport and lifting.


Laminated Profiles, Thermal Plates, Structural Steels, Stainless Steel, Anti-abrasive / bimetallic steels, Black Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel, Bonded steels, Cemented steels


Centrifugal pumps, Positive displacement pumps, Heat exchangers


The alternative power.
Reliable cost-effective solutions, extreme operational flexibility, state-of-the-art service, high stock availability, short delivery times and consistent high quality from premium class bearing manufacturers.
Large Size Bearing, Special Bearings Supports and Accessories

Application Engineering

Reliability Services

Monitoring and diagnosis of Vibrations CATEGORY III – ISO 18436-2
Electrical inspection by infrared thermography
Laser alignment of shafts, cardan and pulley
Dynamic balancing of rotors in Site (1 and 2 planes)
Assembly and installation of rotating components by means of heat induction
Inspection of leaks in pneumatic networks.
Routine and exception oil analysis.
Implementation of effective Predictive Maintenance programs
Design and assembly of online monitoring and protection systems

Maintenance Tools:

Induction heaters, extractors, lubrication guns, single point lubrication systems, cold mounting kits for bearings, special high torque wrenches

Vibration Engineering:

Chain and belt appraisers, Shakers base isolators,
Bases for engines

Equipment and accessories for Predictive Maintenance

Vibration Analyzers, Borescopes, Endoscopes, Thermographic Cameras, Laser Aligners,
Passive Ultrasound equipment, Vibration Sensors, Tachometer Thermometers

Engineering projects

Optimization of industrial processes

Engineering redesigns in power transmission systems, Redesign of rotating machinery, Implementation of centralized / automatic lubrication systems,

Design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning

Substations CCMs, Rotating Machinery, Process lines


Metal structures and concrete, Grouting, structural calculation, Finite Element Analysis


We combine expert knowledge, powerful software, leading methodology and practical training to help you proactively manage your assets.

industrial supply
Reliability Services
Provision of Tools
Engineering projects

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