who we are?

If you do not have a competitive advantage, do not compete

about us.

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Technical support and solidity in:
– Industrial supplies, special spare parts for power transmission and
metal manufactory
– Application Engineering in Strategies, Maintenance management
proactive / predictive and process reliability
– Effective solutions, through the provision of equipment and systems for monitoring,
inspection and analysis of machinery condition, as well as transfer of knowledge.

this is our

Our proposal.

Continuously improve the increase in the reliability of industrial processes, to
achieve the full competitiveness of your plant, factory or company in relation to the market
Offer them quality, efficiency, reasonable costs and better delivery times, looking for
protect the interests of the client.
We have at your disposal an excellent human team and qualified suppliers. We have a
technical department that gives us the support, advice for the follow-up of the works
of training and updating in technology.


We are a company dedicated to the provision of industrial solutions, through the
supply of supplies, integral services and the development of industrial projects
oriented to the satisfaction of our customers.


Generate absolute confidence to be recognized as an organization that cares every day to always offer a quality service, being a leader in customer service, thus contributing to the growth of the country where we operate.


-We are committed to meeting the technical needs of our customers.
– Our function is to manage quality standards from design to construction.
– We are committed to society and the environment, working hard to improve the productive process of our clients, contributing in the continuous growth of the countries where we operate